Each Lune candle is made from 100% EcoSoya wax, using a blend of lavender, orange and cedar wood essential oils, presented in amber glass jars.


Whereas most candles use synthetic oils to achieve a desired aroma, Lune candles use 100% natural ingredients by using essential oils to create an authentic raw aroma. Inhaling essential oil throws, is not only a much more holistic option than the synthetic oiled candles, but also provides an array of health benefits within the body's nervous system.


Properties found in lavender, sweet orange and cedar wood essential oils have been used for hundreds of years to help alleviate stress related conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and depression and achieve a state of calm.   


Ingredients: EcoSoy wax, lavender oil (lavendula officinalis), cedar wood oil (juniperus virginiana), sweet orange oil (citrus sinensis). 


Directions: keep away from flammable items, light wick and enjoy.


500ml amber glass jar.

essential oil soy candle

SKU: L06