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Quote and Person of the day- Robert Frost

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

- Robert Frost⠀

Robert Frost, born 1874, was an American poet. Known for his realistic depictions of rural life his most famous poems include ‘The Road Not Taken’ and ‘Fire and Ice’, a poem which heavily influenced George R. R. Martin's fantasy series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’.⠀

He made $15 on his first poem when it was published by the New York Independent in 1894, when Frost was 20. The payday for the poem was the equivalent of $422 today; the sum was worth more than two weeks’ salary at his teaching job.⠀

Frost attended Dartmouth College for just two months, later explaining, "I wasn't suited for that place." He got his second chance in 1897 at Harvard, but only made it two years before dropping out to support his wife and child.⠀

Frost's personal life was plagued by grief and loss. In 1885 when he was 11, his father died of tuberculosis, leaving the family with just eight dollars. Frost's mother died of cancer in 1900. In 1920, he had to commit his younger sister Jeanie to a mental hospital, where she died nine years later. Mental illness apparently ran in Frost's family, as both he and his mother suffered from depression, and his daughter Irma was committed to a mental hospital in 1947.⠀

‘The Road Not Taken’ is often read graduations as a reminder to forge new paths, but Frost never intended it to be taken so seriously—he wrote the poem as a private joke for his friend Edward Thomas. He and Thomas enjoyed taking walks together, and Thomas was constantly indecisive about which direction he wanted to go. When he finally did choose, he often regretted not choosing the other way.

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