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Quote and Person of the day - Julia Hartwig

“To have darkness behind me, in front of me a bright sky, flickering lights on the water and to feel it on the stony face of the southern sun.”⠀

– Julia Hartwig⠀

Julia Hartwig, born in 1921, is considered to be one of Poland's most important female writers and poets. ⠀

Julia went to an under ground university in Warsaw to study at the risk of her life during the German occupation of WWII. She continued to study even after the deaths of several students she knew.⠀

During her stay at the university, she lived in a storage closet with no way to cool food for herself. She was restrained from living in the neighbouring houses because Jewish families were hiding there.⠀

At the time of German invasion, Warsaw has the largest Jewish population in Europe. After living in miserable ghetto conditions, many of these Jews were sent to the Lubin concentration camp in Julia’s hometown.⠀

Poet Rita Signorelli- Pappas wrote of Julia “Although Julia Hartwig, like her fellow Polish poets, suffered and survived the constraints that postwar communism imposed on personal freedom, the experience has not irrevocably darkened her poems, which continue to affirm natural beauty and childlike wonder. In ‘Return to My Childhood Home,’ what is too painful to be understood is firmly held in counterpoise with remembered contentment.”⠀

Amid a dark silence of pines – the shouts of⠀

young birches calling each other.⠀

Everything is as it was. Nothing is as it was..⠀

To understand nothing. Each time in a⠀

different way, from the first cry to the last breath.⠀

Yet happy moments come to me from the⠀

past, like bridesmaids carrying oil lamps.

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