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Quote and Person of the day- Cheryl Strayed

“This is not the moment to wilt into the underbrush of your insecurities. You've earned the right to grow.”⠀

- Cheryl Strayed⠀

Cheryl Strayed is an American novelist. Her novel, “Wild” details her 1,100-mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail and recounts not only the death of her mother, but the end of her marriage and the drugs and sex she turned to help her cope with the circumstances she’d found herself in after healthier methods of coping did not help.⠀

The first time Strayed used heroin, she thought “here’s the cure.” It was the “cure” for relief from the suffering she experienced from her grandfather’s sexual abuse, from the domestic violence her father inflicted on her and her family. At 13 she moved with her mother and stepfather, along with her two siblings, where they lived in a house that they had built themselves on 40 acres. The house did not have electricity or running water for the first few years.⠀

In 1986 at 17, Strayed graduated from high school where she was a track and cross country runner, cheerleader, and homecoming queen.⠀

Strayed’s life flipped upside down after the death of her mother at age 45, leaving Strayed an orphan at 22.⠀

Strayed had married Marco Littig in 1988, a month before her 20th birthday. They divorced in 1995, shortly before she started hiking the Pacific Crest Trail due to a tumultuous period of self sabotaging her life with infidelity and drugs.⠀

With very little prospects and money, Strayed embarked on a solo 94 day trek from Mojave, California, finishing at the Bridge of the Gods on the Oregon-Washington border. While physically battling desert, snow, fear and pain, she worked through her years of grief one step at a time.⠀

Strayed is married with two children and lives in Oregon, where she has lived since the mid-1990s. Her daughter Bobbi, played the younger version of Strayed in the film adaptation of ‘Wild’.⠀

"The beautiful thing about going alone is that every triumph is yours, every consequence of every mistake is yours, everything that you have to figure out is on you. And sometimes it is beautiful, positive and exciting, and sometimes it's negative and hard and lonely. I wanted that. I welcomed that”.

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