frequently asked questions


How much is delivery within Australia?

Delivery within the Australia is at a flat rate of $6.00, regardless of the size of your order, unless you spend over $80.00, then shipping is free. Lune also offers express shipping for same day - 2 business days delivery for $11.00.

Who will deliver my parcel?

We use Australia Post standard for our parcel deliveries.

How will I know when to expect my parcel?

You will be sent an email when your parcels leaves us. We estimate a delivery lead time of 2-4 working days.

What if I'm not home when my parcel is delivered?

If you are out when your parcel is delivered your parcel will either be left safe on your property, with a neighbour or taken back to the sorting office if neither of those options is possible. You will be left a card with details to arrange re-delivery or collection from the sorting office.

What shall I do if I'm having problems with my delivery?

If your delivery isn't going to plan then please contact us right away. We are here to help sort out the issue and will do everything we can to get your parcel to you. You can call us on 0490 022 526 or email us at lune.essentials@outlook.com.

My parcel was damaged, what shall I do?

If you've received your order and something has been damaged during delivery please let us know right away. Please email us with details of your delivery, what's damaged and a photo if possible and we will arrange replacements or a refund, depending on the situation and what you'd prefer.

Something is missing from my parcel, what shall I do?

Very occasionally we may miss something out of your parcel. If this has happened please let us know right away and we will get the missing item to you as soon as possible.


Are Lune products organic?

Although Lune uses all 100% natural vegan ingredients, they have not yet been certified by U.K Orangic standards therefore Lune products can't be labelled as organic. This is something Lune is striving for in the near future.

Do Lune products use palm oil?

No. Lune uses many different types of essential oils but no product contains any palm oil and all essential oils are ethically and locally sourced.

Are Lune products vegan?

Yes. All Lune products are vegan and aren't tested on animals. Instead of beeswax for our candles, Lune uses EcoSoya Wax.

Are Lune products safe to use during pregnancy?

Concentrated essential oils aren't recommended during pregnancy, particularly cedarwood oil and since all Lune products contain this, we wouldn't advise against pregnant women purchasing any of the products.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Most of the packaging is recyclable glass excluding the roller or spray tops and pumps, and all lids. Lune will continue to explore options so one day, the products are 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

What do I do if I have an allegic reaction?

Stop using immediately and contact Lune at lune.essentials@outlook.com.

Are your products made with essential or perfume oils?

An important property of essential oils is their ability to stimulate the emotions and this is especially powerful through inhalation, where particular aromas will stimulate areas of the brain, particularly (1) the Thalmus (responsible for perception and memories) and (2) the Hypothalamic Region (activates smell-related emotion and behaviour). All Lune products contain essential oils including their candles making Lune candles different from most candles on the market that are scented by using fragrant oils. Fragrance oils are synthetically made chemical scent compounds. Fragrance oils are problematic because these synthetic compounds, they are drying and irritating to the skin. Essential oils are steam-distilled pure plant extracts used for scenting, flavoring, or healing applications in aromatherapy. The choice to use essential oils over cheaper synthetic fragrance oils, is partly the reason that Lune products are a little more costly than many other candle companies.

Are Lune products tested on animals?

No. Lune products are tested on close family and friends of the two creators and on the creators themselves.

How do I contact Lune?

Please email lune.essentials@outlook.com for any feedback, questions or queries.

Where are Lune products made?

We make every single product by hand in our studio in Byron Bay, Australia. The whole process is done in house.

Can I get samples before ordering?

Sadly we don't offer free sample before placing an order but we do have various stockists across London who offer testers of the products.

Is Lune packaging eco friendly?

Lune is a huge advocate for all things ethical and sustainable and we avoid waste and plastic as much as possible by using recyclable amber glass containers. However, we have been unable to avoid using plastic for the tops of the containers for the time being. This is something we are constantly trying to change by researching other options and hopefully in the future, Lune will be 100% plastic free. That being said, Lune has launched a wonderful incentive for their amazing conscious customers called “Return, Recycle, Reward”. If you return your empty Lune containers, we will reward you with a 30% discount for your next order. Please post all empty Lune containers to 40 Rannoch Road, Hammersmith, U.K, W69SR with all your details, particularly your name and email address. We will then email you (to minimise paper waste) a digital coupon which you can use for your next purchase.

How will my order be presented?

Your items will be beautifully presented in a kraft brown box. Inside your product will be cushioned by recyclable kraft brown paper and tied neatly with a string. All of our packaging can be recycled, re-used or composted.

Can my order be sent as a gift?

Absolutely! Just add a note at the checkout stating that it is a gift. We will remove all price tags and the receipt. You can even add a personalised note into the box. To attach a personal note for the receiver, just add it in the notes section of the checkout.